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Common Food Delivery Driver Incidents: Tips for Just Eat Delivery Drivers

Life as a Just Eat food delivery driver can be rewarding, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. Every day, Just Eat delivery drivers navigate busy streets, weather the elements, and juggle multiple orders, all while keeping food hot and customers happy. Along the way, there are some common incidents that drivers may encounter. 

In this blog post, we'll explore these typical situations and provide valuable tips for Just Eat drivers in the UK on how to handle them like seasoned pros.

Incident 1: Food Spills and Messy Deliveries

Perhaps one of the most common challenges faced by food delivery drivers is the risk of food spills and messy deliveries. It's not uncommon for containers to leak, drinks to spill, or sauces to splatter during transit.


  • Secure the Orders: Invest in delivery bags with compartments to keep different items separated and secure.

  • Use Leak-Proof Containers: Ensure the restaurant packages orders in spill-proof containers.

  • Drive Cautiously: Avoid sharp turns and sudden stops, which can exacerbate spills.

    Incident 2: Wrong Addresses and Delivery Confusion

    Navigating unfamiliar neighbourhoods and deciphering unclear addresses can lead to confusion and incorrect deliveries.


    • Double-Check Addresses: Verify the delivery address with the customer if you're unsure.

    • Use GPS Apps: Rely on navigation apps to find addresses accurately.

    • Call for Clarification: When in doubt, call the customer for clarification instead of making a wild guess.

      Incident 3: Unresponsive Customers or Door Entry Issues

      Occasionally, drivers encounter unresponsive customers or difficulties accessing apartment buildings or gated communities.


      • Stay Patient: Give customers a few extra minutes before taking action.

      • Contact Support: Use the Just Eat support line to report issues with unresponsive customers or access barriers.

      • Notify the Customer: Send a polite text or call if you're having trouble reaching the customer.

        Incident 4: Roadside Emergencies

        Flat tires, car troubles, or accidents can happen to any driver. It's essential to be prepared for these unforeseen roadside incidents.


        • Carry Emergency Supplies: Keep basic tools, a flashlight, and a first-aid kit in your vehicle.

        • Know Emergency Services: Familiarise yourself with local towing services and repair shops.

          Incident 5: Safety Concerns

          Safety incidents are rare but critical. These can include problematic customers, unsafe areas, or concerning interactions.


          • Prioritise Personal Safety: If you ever feel unsafe, trust your instincts and prioritise your safety above all else.

          • Contact Support: Use the Just Eat support line to report any safety concerns.

            Conclusion: Handling Common Incidents Like a Pro

            Being a food delivery driver for Just Eat in the UK can be an adventure filled with opportunities, and yes, occasional challenges. The key to success is being prepared and knowing how to handle common incidents like a pro. By following these tips and staying vigilant, you can navigate the road to deliver delicious meals while keeping both yourself and your customers happy. Happy delivering!

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