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Not getting enough shifts with JUSTEAT ?

Then you are at the right place. Our shift grabber app - ShiftCatcher is designed to catch JUST EAT shifts&overflows automatically for you so you don't have to worry about catching them manually. The app is fully secured and protects your justeat accounts.

Now Available on Android and IOS

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How it works:

We have two versions available in the market:


Designed for Android & iOS users in which user downloads the app in their phone and runs the app to automatically grab the JUST EAT open runs.

An iOS version which is designed specially for ios users which is fully secure and the only iOS version available in market right now

ShiftCatcher catches the shifts/overflows for you within blink of an eye as soon they are available.

Why do I need this?

The app is designed specially for full time JUST EAT drivers who want to make a handsome living with justeat. On average our members get at least extra 1-3 or more shifts in a day depending on their location in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland).

This ShiftGrabber app takes away the stress of always looking at your phone to catch extra shifts. Let the app work in the background and grab all the open runs for you, so you can focus on other your daily day tasks.

Having more shifts means more income. After using our ShiftGrabber, our members have seen increase in their weekly and monthly incomes, have been able to manage their schedule better and simply no stress at all of catching JUST EAT shifts.


What our customers say about us


Getting at least 3 runs every day earnings double then before and got more time for family can't ask for more.



have been working as a delivery driver for 5 years and never got more then 6 shifts in a week. After being a member of shiftcatcher I have been getting 10 to 15 shifts every week really happy with it.



Use to be on phone trying to catch shifts after using this service never had to worry about catching shifts again.