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Refund Policy

Every new customer who wants to join our service has a full right to try out a 7 days risk free trial without paying anything and without sharing any of their details. In this 7 days free trial you are given the full use of the software in which you can try all the features of it and then decide for yourself if you would like to join our membership or not.

If within this trial you think that our software does not provide the value you are looking for you are more then welcome to walk away and no questions would be asked.

During the trial if you like the features of our software and would like to continue using our software you would have to purchase a subscription from our website.

Once you have purchased the software and start using it you are not eligible for a refund anymore since it's a software service and you are given a risk free trial upfront to use it and decide for yourself.

If you have been referred by a friend who is already using our software and you join our membership without using the trial we would still offer you upto 7 days to cancel the membership and get your refund back in case you think that the service did not offer any value to you.

If you join our software and never used it you can contact us and we would give your money back.

The only time you are not eligible for a refund is once you have started using the software for weeks and then try to come and claim your refund by providing false information or abusing your banking right.

Therefore you have been given a 7 days risk free trial which is more than enough time to decide for yourself if you want the service or not.


Please note you are paying for use of the software and that's it. The availability of the shift depends on how busy your area is, how many shifts are available by justeat or even how many people are using different types of bots.

So there could be days you would receive a large number of shifts and there would be some quiet days that's the way the system works. Therefore customers are given a 7 days trial to make up their mind if they would like to join the subscription no questions asked.