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Q: Why do my login details have to be the same as my courier app for integration?

A: This is a very commonly asked question and we fully understand why this may be a problem. The reason for that is simply this is the only way for the software to connect to the courier app API because the open runs are only available inside the courier app therefore the software needs some sort of way to connect with the courier app and catch shifts for you on automation. All your login details are fully encrypted.

Q: How often would I have to pay?

A: We have two subscription plans available: weekly or monthly. You can choose to cancel your subscription anytime you like, no strings attached and no questions asked.

Q: How does it work?

A: Once you have bought the subscription, you will receive an email explaining how you can integrate your courier app with our software. Once the integration process is done, just sit back, relax, and watch the shifts come.

Q: How many shifts would I get in a week?

A: This service is specially designed for those drivers who are not able to get any shifts or enough shifts to make a decent living. On average, our drivers see an increase of at least 7-15 shifts in a week. With ShiftCatcher's recent expansion into new areas, including Barnsley, Coventry, Ipswich, and several others, there are even more opportunities for you to grab shifts and boost your earnings.

Q: What makes ShiftCatcher different from other similar services?

A: ShiftCatcher stands out due to our deep expertise in the JustEat app, ensuring that our platform is perfectly aligned with JustEat's criteria. Our commitment to regular updates keeps you ahead in the game with the latest tools and features. Plus, our advanced security measures, in place for over two years, ensure the safety and long-term reliability of your account.

Q: Why should I choose ShiftCatcher over other alternatives?

A: Other alternatives can put your account's safety at risk and potentially lead to bans. With ShiftCatcher, you're investing in a premium product that not only protects your account but also enhances your earning potential in the long run. It’s all about making the smart choice for your delivery career.

Q: How does ShiftCatcher's expansion into new areas benefit me?

A: Our expansion into new areas like Barnsley, Coventry, Ipswich, Lincoln, Luton, Mansfield, Belfast, Doncaster, Bracknell, and more means there are additional opportunities for you to get more shifts. This expansion is part of our commitment to helping you thrive in your delivery career by increasing your earning potential and providing more job opportunities.

Q: How secure is my personal information with ShiftCatcher?

A: Your account's security is our top priority. We have implemented advanced security measures to safeguard your information. This commitment to security ensures your personal information is protected, allowing you to focus on maximizing your earnings without worry.